Meet Mac

Coach Mac Brazina, human builder

Mac is a professional coach, “Human Builder,” who believes in building humans from the inside out.

Her mission is to help humans optimize their machines, from the inside out,  by coaching them for — not just an hour long workout — but for The Other 23 hours of the day.

Having fought a life long battle against “dementors,” Mac knew that something was missing from the industry: humanity. An understanding that it IS a lot more than just a physique.

It’s about the symbiosis of brain, body, and being (the soul of the human being that makes you, you!)

Mac’s clients have achieved unprecedented results via this personalized program broken up into four pillars:

Fitness, Nutrition, Lifestyle and Mindset.

She believes whole heartedly that you can’t have one without the other. Limiting you to one modality, philosophy or diet plan does you — the human being — a vast disservice to your unlimited potential.

The world only gets one “you,” so don’t you think you should give a sht about you too?Falling in love with your process is where REAL results flourish.

​The bemacfit lifestyle is like a sweaty mafia. Once your in you’re in for life. Surrounded by instant brothers and sisters who, not only “get it,” but insatiably support your success.

Mac’s clients learn to embrace their vulnerabilities, push their limits and relish in the process of constant evolution.

​When she’s not hitting summits in the gym, Mac prefers the smaller serendipities of life. Like soaking up her “Hooman,” and fur-baby, reading and creating new content for @bemacfit.

We are all trying to optimize the lives we lead, and the first step in doing so, taking action with intention and love.

Let’s make life happen FOR you, and our family, together!


Let’s connect and level up!