CBD and the human right to happiness


When it comes to being human, it all beings with the brain.

CBD or cannabidiol has made waves in the health and wellness market for its anti-inflammatory properties. Allowing you to send the overwhelming stressors of daily life to the passenger side, while you sit back in the driver seat where you belong. 

The brain is overwhelming to most. That 3 lb meatloaf can feel like it’s the one running the show physically, mentally and emotionally.

Which can yield stress responses via both the brain and body, preventing the optimal function of your being. The brain is a fraction of your total body mass, and yet consumes nearly 20 percent of the body’s energy. 

I’ve personally taken the battles with the bullies of the brain for far too long. Surrendering to the reality of never-ending negative cycles. 

Enter: Cannabidiol

CBD is being used world wide to make positive impacts on healthy-lifestyles from the inside out. We, along with nearly all living things, have an endocannabinoid system which is present within the central, and peripheral nervous systems. Allowing for cannabis-based-compounds, like CBD, to be absorbed across the anatomy and serve a vast array of functions. Although derived from the cannabis plant, CBD has no psychoactiveproperties, unlike its traditional cannabis products. 

CBD has shown to increase the availability of serotonin at the synaptic regions of the neurons. It’s no secret that battling brain bullies is often a result of lower levels of serotonin. 

Serotonin regulates sleep, appetite, mood, and can inhibit pain. It’s what we refer to as “the blood, sweat, and tears molecule” as it’s accumulated over time — compared to the instant rush / hit of dopamine. 

Higher levels of serotonin allow for increased cognition, awareness, focus, and elevated mood. 

Working on the road calls for me to combat the stress of travel head on, while keeping a level head on my shoulders. The impacts on the body while in flight are more than enough to make you want to order an inflight cocktail. Instead — I choose CBD. 

This time I came fully strapped with SeraRelief CBD Oil and gummies to ease my brain thousands of feet in the air. With my baseball hat on, and headphones all the way up, I placed a few drops of the oil under my tongue, and took this moment as an opportunity to recenter my breath. Communicating with the brain to let the body know it’s okay to be present, still, and make a safe transition into the parasympathetic state.

For the first time, I was able to work, and focus, with a clear — moreover quiet — mind, while traveling. Given that the endocannabinoid system is alsopresent in the gut, which has been referred to as the second brain. My digestive health and motility was also unhindered throughout the entire trip.

A premium line, backed by science and relentless passion

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Having the opportunity to experience something other than stress isn’t a waste of time. It’s necessary for proper function, longevity, and overall health of your psychological and physical being. Some refer to serotonin as “the happiness molecule.”

Happiness is taking the opportunity to be in the present moment, whether you’re in flight, mid-workout, or fighting deadlines.

Happiness is your right as an individual. You’re not destined to be dominated by neurological dictators. You’re a human being who deserves to run the show. Take back control of your brain, body and being, from the inside out. 

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