My mission is to connect, train, and evolve, with humans around the world by bringing humanity back to social media. After all, that’s all any of this is actually about — genuine human connection. To remind you that this life is yours, we’re all a little messed up and that’s okay, because you aren’t alone. Together we can truly make life happen for you.

Now... who's that small/loud one who says F*ck a lot?

My name is Mac Brazina, I am a professional healthy lifestyle and fitness coach, blogger, and fitness influencer out of the Tampa Bay area. My mission is to help men, and women optimize their machines to become the absolute greatest version of themselves, by coaching them for -- not just an hour long workout -- but for the other 23 hours of the day.

I use my blog, "The Other 23" as a platform to talk about the sh*t that matters. All of the obstacles, events, and roadblocks that happen outside the gym. I also run the Instagram page, along side my manager/ partner in life, in addition to my one on one personal training, and online coaching businesses.

With a certification in personal training, and endless thirst for education, an insatiable love for humans, and a BA in and digital and mass media communications, from USF St. Petersburg, I have taken life by the horns ruthlessly spreading our message, and nurturing this baby's growth.

My mission as a coach, is to positively influence both men and women to "Look Good Naked." No... this does not have anything to do with sending "nudes."

What does it mean "Look Good Naked?" It means you are confident in your realest self. Treating your body with the respect it deserves and enjoying this incredible life you've been granted.

The ultimate goal is to train your mind and body to become the strongest version of yourself mentally, emotionally and-- as a result--physically. The first step to attaining your goals is falling in love with the process of taking care of yourself.

You are the single most important thing in this world. Contrary to what your surroundings may tell you -- you matter. So why not treat yourself with some fricken love?!

More than aesthetic, I aim to build my clients from the inside out. To show them their confidence is sexier than any value on the scale. Falling in love with the process is where results flourish.

The bemacfit lifestyle is like a sweaty mafia. . My clients learn to embrace their vulnerabilities, push their limits and relish in the process, and cultivate meaningful relationships along the way.

When I'm not in the gym -- I enjoy spending my days writing and listening to podcasts (& always love a good recommendation!) We live in our own little corner of heaven, in St. Pete, FL with our fur-child, Kira.

We are all trying to optimize the lives we lead, and the first step in doing so, taking action with intention and love.

It would be a pleasure to be apart of your journey, mission and evolution.

Let’s make life happen FOR you, and our family, together!

Next Steps...

If you're ready to live your life the best way possible, lets connect!